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Gwaza News 01-Sep-2014

Brand New Product for Autumn!

We are pleased to introduce more new products to our ever growing range for autumn - including barn paint, LED strip lights, seat covers and more. 

**All of the below new product is featured in our September/October special offer flyer - please ask your sales representative for a copy. The prdoucts have also been updated in our catalogue of which a new online version is currently being worked on**.

First of all we have added Bedec Barn Paint to our Workshop range. This is available in 3 colours: Dark Green (2301), Chestnut (2302) and Black (230).

This is suitable for barns, guttering, stables, outbuildings, sheds and fencing without the need for a primer. The paint is waterbased, quick drying and easy to apply, as well as being tough and durable and having excellent colour retention. It will flex with the surface rather than crack or flake.

Use the barn paint for excellent resistance against:

  • Cracking, blistering and flaking.
  • Rain and severe weather.
  • Rot and algae build up.
  • Long lasting finish. 

For use on: Wood, plastic, weathered galvanised steel, concrete, brick and cladding.



Adding to our Cab range, we are excited to offer a range of brand new seat covers by Town and Country.

Our new seat covers are heavy duty, easy to fit and water resistant.

We offer a universal standard front single cover in black (7080), a universal standard passenger double cover in black (7081), a universal standard multi fit rear cover in black (7082), a universal standard tractor seat cover in black (7083), a universal standard tractor seat cover in blue (7084), and a universal delux tractor seat cover in black (7085).




Brand new LED strip lights add to our Electrical & Lighting range - available in 2 lengths - 1200mm/4ft (15090) and 1500mm/5ft (15091).

These new strip lights are currently been used in our own barns and some of the benefits include:

  • Immediate power savings.
  • Low heat dissipation reduces load on cooler and freezer compressors.
  • No ballast/starter needed.
  • Eliminates maintenance and reduces costs.
  • Improves product visibility.
  • Easy to install.
  • No environmentally hazardous materials.
  • No warm-up time, instant-on with full light output and stable colour.
  • No UV emitted.

Just some of the applications our strip lights can be used on/in:

  • Instead of the indoors ceiling light.
  • In a school/hospital.
  • In a conference/meeting room.
  • In a show room.
  • In commercial complexes.
  • In factories and offices.
  • In supermarkets.
  • In residential/institution buildings...and many more.

Comes complete with a fixing kit.


Finally, we are adding to our Garden and Forestry range with a brand new PTO driven log splitter (17131), a new electrical log saw (17108), and small electrical log splitter (17130).

The PTO driven log splitter is a vertical split and is driven with its own hydraulic pump. It has a 10 ton capacity and a max log Ø of 400mm.


Our new electrical log saw has a 500mm circular blade and a 230V/50Hz motor giving out 2850 revolutions. 

The cutting Ø is 180mm and this log saw is CE / GS and EMC Approved.

This log saw must be wired in to a junction box with a minimum of a 32 Amp breaker.


And finally, the smaller of our 2 new log splitters is electrical with a 1.5Kw/50Hz motor and horizontal split. It has a 5 ton capacity and a max log length of 520mm and max Ø of 250mm.

This log splitter must be wired in to a junction box with a minimum of a 20 Amp breaker.


For more information on any of the above new products or for our special offer prices, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative directly or the sales office on 01743 850761. 




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